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Level: A level Examination board: Edexcel Specification: A level 9BS0

Year 12 course outline

Theme 1: Marketing and people (HR).

Theme 2: Managing business and activities (Finance and Operations).

Year 13 course outline

Theme 3: Business decisions and strategy.

Theme 4: Global business.

Opportunities beyond the classroom

  • Reflect today's global world with a focus on the current global issues that impact on businesses.
  • A pre-released context for A level to enable students to investigate an industry or market in which businesses operate.
  • All assessments based on real businesses, real problems and real opportunities.
  • External visits to businesses such as Coca Cola and BMW to experience operations and converse with business professionals.
  • Talks from and discussions with Business Professionals and Entrepreneurs.

Course requirements (GCSE grades/interests)

Grade 6 in English and Maths GCSE.


A level Paper 1 (35%): Marketing, People and Global Business (pulls from Themes 1 and 4) – Written Exam: Duration 2 Hours.

A level Paper 2 (35%): Business activities, decisions and strategy (pulls from Themes 2 and 3) – Written Exam: Duration 2 Hours.

A level Paper 3 (30%): Investigating business in a competitive environment (pulls from all 4 Themes) – Written Exam based (partly based on a Pre-Release research topic): Duration 2 Hours.

Higher education courses linked to the subject

Having studied Business at A level students will be able to study Business Studies, Chartered Accounting, Corporate Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Business Administration, Economics, Financial Analysis, Project Management, and Business Law.

Careers linked to the subject

Possible career options include management, accounting & finance, HR management, marketing and sales, law, economics, events management, entrepreneurism, stock broking and investment, retail, etc.

As an international student I thoroughly enjoyed learning the technical language and its application in the business world. Tom

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Name: Mr Richard Furse