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Level: A level Examination board: OCR Specification: H481

Year 12 course outline

Landscape Systems (coasts), Changing Spaces; Making Places, Earth's Life Support Systems, Student Investigation, Geographical Skills.

Year 13 course outline

Student Investigation, Geographical Debates, Global Connections (Migration and Human rights), Geographical Skills.

Opportunities beyond the classroom

Students attend online and face-to-face lectures given by leading universities along with additional day field trips and one day revision courses throughout the two years. The four day residential trip for independent investigation is an important part of the course. 

There is an opportunity to participate in trips abroad with the Department. These vary from year to year but Iceland and South Africa have been organised over a number of years. In 2023 we will be embarking on our first environmental protection and conservation trip to Greece. 

A level Geographers are well suited to become school eco ambassadors and help with the school eco awards. 

Course requirements (GCSE grades/interests)

GCSE grade 6 or above is the requirement but it is possible to opt for the subject without having studied Geography at GCSE.



Candidates take three examinations and complete a coursework element.

Component 01 Physical systems – 22% of A level – 1 hour 30 minutes examination, written paper, 66 marks.

Component 02 Human Interactions – 22% of A level – 1 hour 30 minutes examination, written paper, 66 marks.

Component 03 Geographical Debates – 36% of A level – 2 hour 30 minutes examination, written paper, 108 marks.


Component 04 Investigative Geography -20% of A level – Non-examination assessment by the school.

Higher education courses linked to the subject

'More than ever we need Geographer's skills and foresight to help us learn about our planet – how we use and how we abuse it.' – Michael Palin

'Geography is a subject which holds the key to the future.' – Michael Palin

Geography is a 'facilitating subject', meaning that it is preferred by universities. Universities and employers see geography as a robust academic subject rich in skills, knowledge and understanding. Geography can complement most subjects.

Careers linked to the subject

Geography is a popular subject and leads to a variety of career opportunities, having one of the highest rates of graduate employment in a wide range of careers. Some of the most recent degrees offered include geo-management and geographic Information systems.

The wide range of current topics covered in Geography make the lessons interesting and transferable. The residential trip was a highlight. Sasha

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For more information contact the Head of Department.

Name: Mrs Margaret McAuley