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Government & Politics

Level: A level Examination board: AQA Specification: 7152

A level Government & Politics is a subject designed for students who want to make a real difference to the world around them. Across the two years we explore personal political philosophy, the inner workings of government, and the ever-changing relationship between politicians and the public. Students quickly come to appreciate that every aspect of their lives is shaped by decisions taken at Westminster, and that a deep understanding of the political process provides them with genuine power to influence and affect these choices. The subject is also uniquely placed to help young people formulate their own political viewpoints which will guide their actions and opinions throughout their adult lives.

Year 12 and 13 course outline

Students study three papers: Unit 1 focuses on the government and politics of the UK, Unit 2 covers the government and politics of the USA and Unit 3 looks at ideologies.

Opportunities beyond the classroom

The department is currently planning the inaugural Government & Politics visit to New York and Washington D.C. in order to witness the workings of American politics.

Course requirements (GCSE grades/interests)

Grade 6 in GCSE History is a prerequisite for the study of A level Government and Politics. Modern politics is a dynamic and contemporary subject and as such a genuine interest in the day-to-day cut and thrust of political debate is also essential. Reading quality newspapers and watching television coverage from Westminster or Washington are invaluable tools for every student of politics.


  • Paper 1: Government and politics of the UK. Written exam: 2 hours 77 marks 33 % of A level
  • Paper 2: The government and politics of the USA. Written exam: 2 hours 77 marks 33 % of A level
  • Paper 3: Political ideas. Written exam: 2 hours 77 marks 33 % of A level

Higher education courses linked to the subject

There are a wide range of degree courses linked to the subject including History, Law, International Relations and Politics.

Careers linked to the subject

Careers in journalism, advocacy, higher education and government itself are just some of the many routes open to Politics graduates. Recent students of Government & Politics at LVS Ascot have gone on to read history, international relations and law at university with much success.

Politics is that rare combination of a subject that is interesting, intellectually challenging and practically valuable. It is a wonderful foundation for entering into society as a useful and well-informed citizen. Alex

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