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Level: AS/A level Examination board: Edexcel Specification: Linear

The Mathematics A level is a two-year linear course consisting of Pure Mathematics, Mechanics and Statistics, with students studying all three topics.

The pure elements of the course include Algebra, Calculus and Trigonometry and provide the students with the tools needed for solving problems. The Statistics and Mechanics elements apply these techniques in real world contexts.

Students who wish to take an AS qualification after one year may do so, but this does not count towards their final A level grade.

Opportunities beyond the classroom

Students are afforded the opportunity to take part in both regional and national Mathematic Challenges generally held at a local university.

Course requirements (GCSE grades/interests)

This course is designed for competent mathematical students who have interest and natural fluency in mathematics and in particular algebraic manipulation. In order to take the course, students must have achieved at least a grade 7 in their GCSE Mathematics examination or equivalent.


A level students are assessed by examination only and sit three two hour papers at the end of the second year.

AS level students will sit two 90 minute papers at the end of one year.

Higher education courses linked to the subject

Mathematics A level is a qualification sought by many top universities for almost any technical or academic degree course. In particular, it is specifically relevant for Science, Engineering, Computing and Finance-based courses.

Careers linked to the subject

Students completing Mathematics at A level can go on to follow almost any career but in particular in the applied science, business and financial, IT and educational sectors.

I enjoy working through problems in a logical way and I find it fascinating that Maths can be applied to so many situations. For example, having studied Mechanics as part of Maths, I have found Physics to be much easier as it has helped me understand why things act as they do. Georgia

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Name: Ms Gwyn Els