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Optional subject

Food Preparation and Nutrition

Specification: CTH Level 3 Extended Certificate

Leiths CTH Level 3 Extended Certificate in Professional Cookery

Course outline:

This course is a hands-on practical cookery qualification which is designed for students who are looking for a career in the food industry. The course is 5 terms long and is based around 45 core weeks of practical menus which develop a wide range of culinary skills.

This course is also brilliant for those simply wanting to expand and explore different cooking methods and cuisines. The course not only carries between 12-36 UCAS points but is also a great starting point for students who want to open doors into the food industry.

Skills required:

A knowledge of basic cooking skills would be essential. A drive and enthusiasm for preparing, cooking and tasting new flavours and ingredients is also advantageous.

Assessment method:

The course is marked on a week by week basis through an interactive and online portal. Practical’s are tasted and marked at the end of every lesson, and evidence is then uploaded to the online platform. Coursework is also uploaded onto this platform and is marked by the teacher and then also by the Leiths Academy team.

The final grade is awarded on the basis of two final practical cooking exams, a food hygiene exam and also a menu planning project task.

Alongside the practical element of this course students will also gain a level two online food hygiene and allergen certificate, this will allow students to work within a variety of food establishments.

Post 18 opportunities and careers

With this qualifications, students can advance onto university courses, students can also open the door to part time work, gap year travel work and a range of other jobs within the food and hospitality industry. Leiths Academy is linked to the renowned school, Leiths School of Food and Wine and this qualification has the potential to inspire students to take on roles in the catering industry. Leiths Academy also supports students through the ‘Leiths employment agency, Leiths List, which helps graduates from this course secure opportunities for employment.

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