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Level: A Level Examination board: OCR Specification: Law H418

Course Outline

A-Level Law provides students with a general understanding of the English legal system and a grounding in the principles of its criminal law, tort law and human rights law.

The study of law equips students to think critically. The main assessed skills are the ability to explain, evaluate and question key legal ideas in essays, and the ability to apply legal rules from statute and case law to fictional scenarios.

Law needs to be learnt carefully and thoroughly, but its practice is dynamic and varied. Students will develop oracy through discussion and debate as well as analytical writing skills. This process will equip them with valuable skills and confidence for adult life and give them an idea of some of the key qualities required in professional legal practice.

In Year 1, students will learn the basic principles of the English legal system and some of the key topics of criminal and tort law. In Year 2, this knowledge will be consolidated and developed and students will also learn about human rights law.


Course Requirements (GCSE grades/interests)

Students are expected to have at least grade 6 in GCSE English, and a good pass (grade 5 and above) in Maths and a science.

Opportunities beyond the classroom

Law is an evolving discipline and industry. There are many opportunities to research legislation, legal judgements and developments online. Visits to court and student seminars will also be promoted.


Students will be assessed by examination at the end of the course. There are no coursework requirements.

Higher education courses linked to the subject

Law is both an academic and vocational discipline. Students studying law will get a head-start with some of the required elements of a law degree or law conversion course. Studying Law at A-level develops critical thinking and knowledge-management skills which will also facilitate a range of academic courses such as History, English Literature, Economics and the Social Sciences.

Careers linked to the subject

For many students, A-Level Law is the starting point on a route into a legal career, for example as a corporate lawyer, a legal researcher, a solicitor or a barrister. A knowledge of the law is also a useful pre-requisite for careers in areas as varied as human resources, estate agency and the police.

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For more information contact the Teacher of Humanities and Criminology.

Name: Mr James Evans