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Level: GCSE Examination board: Edexcel Specification: Fine Art 1AFO

GCSE course outline

This course will allow students to develop an appreciation of the creative process through a variety of two- dimensional and three-dimensional media, materials and techniques. This course will allow those who wish to follow a creative process the knowledge of the subject and the ability to develop their personal ideas into exciting outcomes in a fully supported environment.

Skills required

Students must have an interest in the visual world and have an open minded approach about what Art can be. They should already have a good command of drawing skills and enjoy working in a wide range of media, and should enjoy working in a creative atmosphere where they are able to explore a wide range of communication techniques. The ability to work independently and in a sustained manner are essential in order to be successful in Art. 

Assessment method

Coursework: 60%

Personal Portfolio - Component 1

Internally set projects – including sketchbooks, research and development of ideas in a range of 2 dimensional & 3 dimensional outcomes, by building on technical skills and experimenting with different types of media, processes and techniques. All work is supported by contextual research. Coursework is completed over Year 10 and term 1 of Year 11.

Examinations: 40%

ESA (Externally set assignment) – Component 2

The ESA represents the culmination of the course as it draws together all the knowledge, understanding and skills which have been developed in Component 1.

10 hour controlled assessment – practical exam – date set in the spring of Year 11.

Post 16 opportunities and careers

LVS Ascot Sixth Form offers a range of courses linked to GCSE Art. Many students take further creative A Levels on the basis of GCSE Art. If you are considering a creative degree, GCSE Art will be looked at very closely by universities.

Careers linked to the subject

Animator, Architect, Arts therapist, Ceramic designer, Fashion Designer, Fine Artist, Furniture Designer, Games Developer, Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Product Designer, Interior Designer, Jewellery Designer, Make-up Artist, Medical Illustrator, Museum/Gallery Conservator, Photographer, Press Photographer, Printmaker, Production Designer – Film/Television/Theatre, Textile Designer or Web Designer, Prosthetic Make-up, Special & Visual Effects.

My enjoyable experience in GCSE Art has supported me personally and academically. It was the prime foundation needed before stepping up to A level, and one which cemented the skills needed to achieve the things I have done today in my A level Art. The creative nature found in art has transformed the way I now think. Regine

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For more information contact the Head of Department.

Name: Mrs Rebecca Sandford

Email: Rebecca.Sandford@lvs.ascot.sch.uk