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Curriculum support

Whilst at LVS Ascot, some students are recognised as having additional learning need and may find studying the normal range of nine GCSEs challenging. For these students we offer Curriculum Support.

For students who need additional support, we recognise that they may find studying the normal range of nine GCSEs challenging. For some of these pupils, it may be more sensible for them to study one subject less to maximise the grades they can achieve.

We are able to offer a 'Curriculum Support' option to those students whom we believe may benefit. This support will be offered to selected pupils and will be included in one of the GCSE option boxes. To take the place of the six hours per fortnight of subject time each week, the support provided will consist of an additional hour of English and Maths and a rotating programme of additional study skills or supervised study time.

Students following this course of support have the potential to gain eight GCSEs which is appropriate for all forms of higher education. It is hoped that this provision will mean pupils will no longer begin courses of study and later ask to withdraw when they encounter problems with subject content.