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Options process

In Years 7 to 9 pupils have been following a broad curriculum to enable them to gain experience in a range of subjects. The emphasis now changes to preparing pupils for Years 10 to 11 and the GCSE examinations.

Our aim is still to encourage breadth of study but given the open choice system which we operate, students can, to a degree, personalise their curricula and begin to follow more specialised directions.

Certain subjects are compulsory, whilst others are chosen from a list of option subjects. We organise these subjects into blocks for timetabling purposes in such a way as to give a real choice to the pupils within a broad and balanced programme of study. It is important for students and parents to understand the grouping of subjects for timetabling means there may be necessary compromises for some individuals whatever the outcome of our market research, though we will strive to accommodate all choices.

Options process timetable for 2023

Read the website

  • Consider the range of options
  • Think about your strengths and how the subjects on offer match these

Discuss your plans

  • GCSE Options Evening
  • Be prepared to change your mind based on the advice of parents and staff

Fill in the form

  • Select your Science combination
  • Select 4 option subject choices
  • Submit the Options Choice form by Friday 15 December at 4pm

Options process

  • The school will consider your preferences and may wish to discuss these with you
  • Your choices will be circulated to subject staff to confirm that you have the right package

Choices confirmed

  • The school will send you a letter showing your finalised options

Choosing your options

When deciding which subjects to take, it is important to consider as much information as possible. Students should look at recent reports to inform decisions when choosing options and should discuss option choices with tutors as well as teachers since they see the overall pattern of each individual's strengths.

The options selected may carry career implications, but people assume often wrongly that certain subjects are necessary for certain jobs or courses. Entrance requirements can change from year to year so please check before deciding. The school careers adviser from Adviza can help with up to date information. Above all it is important to choose subjects that are going to be enjoyable and stimulating through the two year course, since a high level of motivation is essential for success.

The GCSE examinations assess recall, understanding, practical skills, self-motivation and the ability to apply knowledge. They are normally built upon the foundations laid in previous years. New skills and working practices must quickly be developed by all Year 10 students. Taking responsibility, completing tasks conscientiously and submitting them by the deadline play an important part in eventual success at GCSE.

Please read the subject notes on this website so that you are aware of the content and examination structure of each course. We will ask for option choices using the 'GCSE Options Choice' form on this website before the end of term. We use the information to take decisions on staffing levels for the coming year.

Other things to consider

  • Regardless of what science combination is taken, combined trilogy or triple, you are still able to progress with a science subject(s) at A level if you wish to.
  • Any pupil who receives EAL (English as an Additional Language), please note that this will remove an option block, to timetable these lessons. All EAL students will take IGCSE English as a Second Language, instead of the standard English GCSE programme that non-EAL students will follow.
  • By November in Year 9, an options form will be sent out electronically for your completion with responses due by the end of the autumn term. This will then enable us to start to compile the option blocks and timetables ready for the new academic year.
  • By February of Year 9, confirmation of choices will be sent home and conversations will be had between school and home should the subjects selected, falls outside the options boxes.
  • Once confirmation has been received from the school, your GCSE subject choices and timetable will be ready for the new school year. If there are any changes, these will always be communicated.