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Curriculum overview

Alongside compulsory core subjects, students are requested to select four other subjects to study. Students are supported through a combination of subject-specific enrichment, unique breakaway classes and enrichment speakers and trips.

Compulsory core curriculum

English and Maths

A majority of students will study IGCSEs in English and English Literature and Maths.


All students study the three sciences, but upon the advice of the Science Department they may choose to do either Combined Science: Trilogy (in which all three sciences are studied for an award of two GCSEs) or Triple Science (in which all three sciences are studied for an award of three GCSEs). A student who chooses Triple Science must select 'Triple Science' as one of their four options subjects.

Physical Education

Students will follow a broad programme of study where they are expected to study a wide variety of activities. The focus in Year 10 and 11 is lifelong participation in physical exercise.


All students will have a weekly lesson where a wide range of topics and current issues will be studied. The curriculum will prepare students for adult life as British citizens, in a 21st century, global community.

Optional subjects

Students are requested to select four subjects to study alongside the compulsory core curriculum.