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Level: GCSE Examination board: Eduqas Specification: C690QS

GCSE course outline

GCSE Drama is an opportunity for students to continue to enhance their skills in Drama, whilst expanding their knowledge of different styles and genres. GCSE Drama is suitable for students who are keen to perform on stage and students who are interested in the technical design aspect of the theatre, including set design, costume design, lighting and/or sound. 

The course involves both performance and theoretical elements, with three different components focusing on a combination of both. Students will learn about the different styles theatre can be performed in, and explore this practically within their lessons, whilst also having the opportunity to see a variety of performances in school and externally on trips. The course is separated into three components focusing on different elements of theatre and performance.

The course gives students the opportunity to create their own work in groups, explore famous and existing works through performance of text, studying text with a focus on performance and technical theatre, and studying performances on the stage through the viewing of performances and analysing how theatrical directional decisions are made. 

How the course is marked 

Component 1: Devising Theatre

Non-exam assessment: internally assessed, externally moderated, 40% of qualification

Learners will be assessed on either acting or design.
Learners participate in the creation, development and performance of a piece of devised theatre using either the techniques of an influential theatre practitioner or a genre, in response to a stimulus set by WJEC.

Leaners must produce:
- a realisation of their piece of devised theatre
- a portfolio of supporting evidence
- an evaluation of the final performance or design.


Component 2: Performing from a Text 

Non-exam assessment: externally assessed by a visiting examiner, 20% of qualification

Learners will be asses on either acting or design.
Learners study two extracts from the same performance text chosen by the centre.
Learners participate in one performance using sections of text from both extracts. 


Component 3: Interpreting Theatre

Written examination, 1 hour 30 minutes, 40% of qualification

Section A: Set text for assessment from 2024 onwards
A series of questions on one set text: Find me by Olwen Wymark

Section B: Live theatre review
One question, from a choice of two, requiring analysis and evaluation of a given aspect of live theatre production seen during the course.

I've enjoyed digging deeper, exploring Drama in much greater depth. It's been exciting developing my understanding of how to bring ideas, characters and plays to the stage. Ellana

Get in touch

For more information contact the Head of Department.

Name: Miss Jessica Clark

Email: Jessica.Clark@lvs.ascot.sch.uk