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Design and Technology

Level: GCSE Examination board: Edexcel Specification: 1DT0

GCSE course outline

This is a great GCSE for students who enjoy practical work and are interested in finding out about the materials used to manufacture products. In addition to developing dexterity with a range of tools, students will have the opportunity to work in our state of the art workshop which has a 3D printer, laser cutter and CNC router.

This new course in Design and Technology has been chosen as it is engaging and inspiring. It reflects the demands of a truly modern and evolving society – a qualification that enables students to apply themselves and develop the practical skills needed to succeed in their chosen pathway.

Students will acquire subject knowledge in design and technology that builds on Key Stage 3 lessons. The new specification incorporates knowledge and understanding of different materials and manufacturing processes in order to design and make product (prototypes). Students learn how to take design risks, helping them to become resourceful, innovative and enterprising citizens. They will be given opportunities develop an awareness of practices from the creative, engineering and manufacturing industries. Students will develop an understanding of the impact of Design and Technology on daily life and the wider world. High-quality Design and Technology is important to the creativity, culture, sustainability, wealth and wellbeing of the nation and the global community.

Skills required

Students should have experience of a Design and Technology workshop and have an interest in developing practical skills. They should be keen to develop specialist knowledge in one of the following areas; metals, papers and boards, polymers, timbers. Technical language and mathematical skills are included in this course which will be taught to be accessible to all students.

Assessment method

50% project work

Students will undertake a project based on a contextual challenge released on 1st June by Edexcel. This task will be internally assessed and externally moderated. The project will test students’ skills in investigating, designing, making and evaluating a prototype of a product.

  1. Investigate (16 marks) - investigation of needs and research, and a product specification.
  2. Design (42 marks) - producing different design ideas, review of initial ideas, development of design ideas into a chosen design, communication of design ideas and review of the chosen design.
  3. Make (36 marks) – manufacture of a quality product with accuracy.
  4. Evaluate (6 marks) - testing and evaluating your product.

50% examination – 1 hour 45 minute written examination

The paper consists of two sections. Section A is assessed on the core content and Section B is assessed on the material category students have chosen from; metals, papers and boards, polymers, timbers. The examination contains a mixture of different question styles, including open-response, graphical, calculation and extended- open-response questions.

Post 16 opportunities and careers

The Design and Technology course links really well to the A Level Product Design course offered at LVS Ascot Sixth

Form. This in turn suits higher education courses in Engineering, Architecture, Graphic Design and Product Design amongst others. Employment areas include Architecture, Product Design, Building and Construction, Engineering, Manufacturing Industry, Design and Technology Teaching, Stage Design and Graphic Design.

Design and Technology allowed me to gain a really useful qualification in a practical environment. The course provided a great opportunity to learn about the subject as a whole and also a specialist materials area. Josh

Get in touch

For more information contact the Head of Department.

Name: Mrs Carol Robinson

Email: Carol.Robinson@lvs.ascot.sch.uk