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Level: GCSE Examination board: AQA Specification: 8698

GCSE course outline

The course is based around three key themes:

(1) Identity and culture (covering relationships, technology, free-time activities, customs and festivals in Spanish-speaking countries/communities);

(2) Local, national, international and global areas of interest (covering home, town neighbourhood and region; social issues; global issues; and travel and tourism);

(3) Current and future study and employment (covering personal studies; life at school/college; post-16 education; and jobs, careers and ambitions)

Skills required

Listening: being able to understand and respond to spoken Spanish:

Speaking: being able to communicate and interact in spoken Spanish;

Reading: being able to understand and respond to written Spanish;

and Writing: being able to communicate in written Spanish.

Assessment method


The course is linear (examined at the end of the course) and does not have a coursework element


'F' refers to Foundation Tier; 'H' refers to Higher Tier

Listening: (F) 35mins or (H) 45mins; questions and responses in both English and Spanish;

Reading: (F) 45mins or (H) 60mins; questions and responses in both English and Spanish, plus a translation from Spanish to English;

Speaking: (F) 7-9 mins or (H) 10-12 mins including a: (1) Role Play; (2) Stimulus Card; and (3) General Conversation.

Writing: (F) 60 mins or (H) 75 mins; (F) simple responses, a short written passage, a translation from English to Spanish and structured writing. (H) Structured writing, open-ended writing and translation from English to Spanish.

Careers linked to the subject

Careers areas with specific MFL skills: translating, interpreting, teaching foreign language(s).

Careers areas with combined MFL and other skills: Law, Engineering, Science (including Social Science, History, Sociology, Psychology and Philosophy), Politics, Finance, Business (Sales and Marketing), it and Computing, Leisure, Tourism, Catering, Transport, Civil Service, Media and Journalism.


Lead Teacher: Sandra Rivers Caneiro

As with every GCSE, the course is challenging, however for MFL there is so much more than just learning from a book; it's fun and entertaining too. Adam

Get in touch

For more information contact the Head of EAL & ML.

Name: Dr Jirina Roucka-Brown

Email: Jirina.Roucka-Brown@lvs.ascot.sch.uk